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Partnering with former insolvency practitioners is a wise choice.

With national representation throughout Australia, we provide practical, no-nonsense advice
on the Personal Property Securities Act to more businesses than any other organisation. 


At EDX, we specialise in the PPSA legislation and registration on the PPSR.

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Retaining title in the goods you supply is now legislated under the Personal Properties Securities Act (PPSA). 

Compliance is essential if wishing to protect your property and in the recovery of monies owed.

EDX understands the practical implications of the legislation and are here to help you get it right.
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The normally onerous task of ​data preparation, registration and ongoing management of security interests is effortless using any of the tailored services of EDX.
Our purpose built software application ESIS, utilises a Business - to - Government (B2G) interface to PPSR.  Its success is due to the design principles of securities management that extends much further than the mere registration and search of transactions on the PPSR.  Read more

Users of our ESIS software will find a very powerful, built-in search capability as a standard feature.

When designing PPSR search we focused on the ease and efficiency of conducting the search, filtering and analysing results as well as clearly identifying the contact details of Secured Parties.  Read more

Many organisations have diligently registered on the PPSR believing they are protected. Many of these organisations unfortunately find during an insolvency that they are not.

Our compliance reviews will provide peace of mind and where  necessary, we recommend procedural changes, provide staff training as well as assist with remedial steps. Read more
As former insolvency practitioners we can guide you through the recovery process, help establish in-house procedures and where required, act on your behalf to help get your property back. Read more




EDX are PPS Experts in Australia and New Zealand


Newsletter 16, January 2015 -  The importance of Timing

Doing the right thing – but still losing out.
Spare a thought for the people at Doka who lost over $1,000,000 of formwork equipment in the recent insolvency of Relux Commercial Pty Ltd.
There was no dispute that Doka owned the equipment it had leased to Relux. There was no dispute that it had registered its security interest on the PPSR.
But Doka still lost its equipment, and even the judge called it a “seemingly draconian result”.
Find out why, and what you may need to do to avoid a similar fate <Read more>

Newsletter 15, November 2014 - Unfair Preferences or Preferential Payments are the Scourge of a Good Credit Manager 

You do an excellent job of collecting debts from delinquent debtors and slow payers. Your pro-active stance is a boon to the business.

But there is a downside – Preferential Payment claims from liquidators that claw back the money you have received and knock a hole in your recovery figures.

One credit manager in a large company reported getting at least one claim per week from liquidators. 

He has not received a claim in nearly two years. Click here to find out why.

Newsletter 14, October 2014 - The Six Reasons 

Controlling costs is smart business practice – but sometimes it can leave you out of pocket. Learn about the six reasons that may cause you to rethink your registration policy.

Newsletter 13, July 2014 - The Devil is in the Detail 

PPSA applies to all business entities regardless of how big or small you are. To be sure that you are protected and PPSA compliant, EDX are here to provide help and consultancy. Read more.


EDX started its roots in New Zealand where EDX Limited has been consulting and providing registration services on New Zealand's equivalent of the PPSR for more than a decade. 

EDX Australia Pty Ltd commenced in 2010 and has established a network of Consultants making it the only national PPSA consulting and registration services provider in the country.

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