Helping Businesses prepare for PPSA

maninmazeOn 30 January 2012, PPSR Australia went live. Thousands of registered securities were migrated from the previous registers into one centralised Personal Property Securities Register. EDX were there to assist businesses with their preloading, finding, and claiming of registrations.

EDX are the experts.  With over 9 years experience of providing practical, commercial business solutions in New Zealand, our team of skilled professionals in Australia are also on hand to help guide businesses through the maze that is PPS.



Supplier of Goods

If you use retention of title (Romalpa) to protect your business, you must comply with PPSA or you will lose your rights. For people who think retention of title does not work for their business PPSA brings important new benefits and it may be time to reconsider....... <read more>

Equipment Loan & Rental

In today's world, if your customer becomes insolvent - you go and get your equipment back - after all, you own it. In tomorrow's world, if you do not comply with the requirements of PPSA you will lose your equipment and face a total loss! <read more>

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Our consultants will provide practical solutions tailored to your business.

If wanting to understand the impact of PPS on your business, a strategy for enrolment and compliance or a software solution for registration and registry maintenance, EDX is your one-stop-shop for all PPS requirements.

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