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Partnering with former insolvency practitioners is a clever choice.

With national representation throughout Australia, we provide practical, no-nonsense advice
on the Personal Property Securities Act to more businesses than any other organisation. 


At EDX, we specialise in the PPSA legislation and registration on the PPSR.

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PPSA compliance is a must. EDX will determine how you are affected and what you need to do about it. We help you get it right.
Whether you have 100 or 100,000 registrations the normally onerous task of 
data preparation, registration and ongoing management on PPSR is effortless using our purposely built software platform, ESIS. 
Many organisations have diligently registered on PPSR believing they are protected. Unfortunately, many find out during an insolvency that they are not.  Our compliance reviews will give you peace of mind and where necessary, assist with any remedial steps. As former insolvency practitioners we "walk the talk".   We can guide you through the recovery process, help establish in-house procedures and where required, act on your behalf to help get your property back.

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EDX are PPS Experts in Australia and New Zealand
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Western Australia

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Newsletter 14, October 2014 - The Six Reasons 

Controlling costs is smart business practice – but sometimes it can leave you out of pocket. Learn about the six reasons that may cause you to rethink your registration policy.

Newsletter 13, July 2014 - The Devil is in the Detail 

PPSA applies to all business entities regardless of how big or small you are. To be sure that you are protected and PPSA compliant, EDX are here to provide help and consultancy. Read more.

Newsletter 12, June 2014 - Using Fire to Fight Fire: Get us on your side when recovering your property 


Most of the EDX team are former liquidators, so we understand the ways of the insolvency practitioner when it comes to the PPSA. Recently, we were able to recover a client's property from an insolvency practitioner who made a very broad interpretation of the PPSA.

EDX had a quiet word with the practitioner and our client received an acceptable offer to settle the matter. Read more.

Newsletter 11, May 2014 - Property Losses Mount Under the PPSA 

PPSA applies to all business entities regardless of how big or small you are. To be sure that you are protected and PPSA compliant, EDX are here to provide help and consultancy. Read more.


EDX has its roots in New Zealand where EDX Limited has been consulting and providing registration services on New Zealand's equivalent of the PPSR for more than a decade. 

EDX Australia Pty Ltd commenced in 2010 and has established a network of Licensees making it the only national PPSA consulting and registration services provider in the country.

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