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At EDX, we provide assistance and advice when dealing with the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) and Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). We take the complexity out of registering security interests, renewing existing registrations, reducing risk and managing compliance. Our tailored advice and premium application ESIS will help ensure that you get a seat at the negotiation table, should your customer become insolvent.

Minimise registration errors

Setup, monitor and maintain your PPS registrations quickly and easily without wasting time and minimising mistakes.

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Reduce risk

Confidently do business knowing you’ve protected your security interests when you extend credit or supply goods or services on title.

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Get expert advice

Find out how to reduce financial risk and implement industry best practice with customised solutions from our team of experienced PPSR specialists.

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PPSA & PPSR Explained

The Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) was introduced to Australia in 2011 to provide legal protection to businesses that hire, lease or rent goods on credit, or sell goods under retention of title clauses. Note: Personal property is all forms of property other than real estate.

To be protected you must have a valid registration on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). Whilst many businesses are registering on the PPSR, the process can be complicated and simple errors can be made which can invalidate their registration. This means in the event their customer goes into liquidation, they may become an unsecured creditor, unable to recover their debts.

Without adequate protection, you may be considered an unsecured creditor. So when a customer goes bust, you have significantly less chance of recovering your debts.

Meet the team


Malcolm Poslinsky

Malcolm Poslinsky is a financial executive with broad-based experience in all areas of finance, including international experience in South Africa, Australia and South East Asia. 

With specialist knowledge of credit and extensive general management experience, Malcolm has developed many unique credit strategies to help businesses improve cash flow, enhance the quality of their debtors’ portfolio, reduce delinquencies and the cost of credit.

His highly tuned commercial focus gives Malcolm the ability to balance a regimented collections strategy with business growth drivers such as new account approval rates, revenue streams and excellent customer service.


Andrew McLellan

As a former liquidator, Andrew McLellan is skilled at negotiating with insolvency practitioners.

He was one of two founding partners 25 years ago of the specialised national insolvency firm, PPB Advisory. He oversaw its growth from a two-partner practice of Carson & McLellan to a firm of over 350 people with offices throughout Australia.

Andrew joined EDX in December 2012 and specialises in helping companies become PPSR compliant. He likes to think of his switch in professions as poacher turned gamekeeper, with the added advantage of being one step ahead of the game.

We are underway with development of a new PPSR product offering, which will deliver enhanced capability to our clients who operate in New Zealand.

In the meantime, there are no changes to how we engage with our EDX New Zealand customers. Should you have any concerns or queries, please contact us.

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