PPSR explained


PPSR explained

Here’s a quick snapshot of the PSSR. Contact us for advice about how it impacts your business. 

What is the PPSR?

There were once over 40 state and territory registers in Australia used by different industries to register security interests in personal property. Now there is one single national register – The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

The PPSR is a national online database that shows all registered security interests that businesses have in their personal property. Personal property includes goods, crops, livestock, debtors, cash, vehicles, plant and machinery.


How the PPSR benefits you

A successful PPSR gives you a valid security interests over the personal property you’ve sold on payment terms or leased to a customer. It puts you first in line over other creditors and even helps protect your interest if the goods or assets are sold on or installed onto other goods.
If you don’t register on the PPSR correctly and on time, you miss out or limit your rights to recover your property should a customer become insolvent.

The PPSR also allows for more transparent business dealings. Search for a business on the PPSR and the registry will display all the registered security interests in that business.


How the PPSR works

A security interest arises when an exchange of goods has taken place, and a security contract exists – such as by having a Retention of Title clause listed in your terms and conditions. It’s then you should register the security interest on the PPSR.

To register on the PPSR, you have the option to do it yourself on the publicly available PPSR government website. Or you can register with a third-party like EDX. Our registration and registry maintenance software solution, ESIS, gives you peace of mind that your PPS registration is error-free. All it takes is one mistake to invalid your listing.

To learn more, go to Frequently Asked Questions or contact us. Our team of professional PPSR experts take the guesswork out of the registration process.