We are PPSR superheroes


We are PPSR superheroes

Let us save the day and protect your business.

Why EDX?

We are experts in simplifying the PPSR. Why? Because we’ve spent years learning about insolvency and credit management. And we’re in this job because we believe in a fair go. The PPS Act is there to protect Australian businesses from losing out when a customer goes bust, but not if you don’t register correctly on the PPSR. It’s our mission to help you get this right.

EDX is a leading authority on PPSR in Australia. Here’s a summary of our superpowers.

Unique and powerful software that makes it easy to manage your PPS registrations

After reviewing thousands of incorrect PPS registrations, we set about creating a PPSR solution that would cut out many of these mistakes. We purpose-built a unique software solution called ESIS. It’s an easy to use business-to-government interface that registers your security interests on the PPSR. 

ESIS takes only 25 seconds to create a registration for a new customer. It’s equally quick and easy to manage a portfolio of PPS registrations or process new registrations.  

Use ESIS to protect your business against risk and eliminate nasty compliance surprises.


More than 40 years’ combined experience in insolvency and credit management

Apart from extensive PPSA and PPSR experience, our EDX brokers have more than 40 years’ combined experience in insolvency and credit management. We’ve sat on the other side of the negotiation table and know how insolvency practitioners get their way. Now that we’re on your side, our detailed knowledge of insolvency and PPSA legislation can help you fight your claim.

The EDX team have been helping businesses navigate the PPSR system since its introduction. We’re leading the way on developing best-practice standards and simplifying its jargon and complexities.

Find the best PPSR solution for your business needs with the help of our PPSR subject matter experts.


The tools you need to minimise financial risk to your business

You want to be able to set and forget your PPS registrations. Our systems, templates and processes will help you do just that.

Just as importantly, you can only protect your business from customers that go bust if you register and renew your security interests. Registrations can be performed in bulk to create hundreds or thousands of registrations in one transaction. Our registration solution, ESIS, helps you create registrations five times faster and reduce the risk of error.

Build your in-house PPSR capability with the help of EDX Hosting or outsource the work to EDX Managed Services


A market leading registration software solution

Check out the powerful features of our registration software solution ESIS. In this table, we’ve compared ESIS to what you get with the government PSPR website. 




General Features



Easy-to-use interface with glossary and tool tips

PPSR services integrated with your searching account




Processing of new registrations, amendments, discharges and renewals.

Validate Organisation numbers and names prior to registration

Verify Organisation numbers and assigns the correct grantor identification as per the rules set in the PPSA

Recording of non-PPSR data such as customer and agreement numbers, trading names, categories and other user defined fields

Verification Statements are stored, minimising the risk of delivery failure via email

Collateral templates that minimise risk of data entry errors

Registrations can be saved in 'pending' state

Batch services for registrations, discharges, and amendments improves efficiency

Simple renewals

Re-issue Tokens for Registrations




Multi-search options available in a search single screen allowing consolidation of search results and reporting

Scheduling of recurring searches for Grantor, Registration Number, Serial Number, and Ordinal Searches

Download consolidated search results to pdf (summary) and Excel (detailed) showing Secured Party Group registration data for review and analysis

Verify VIN serial number before searching

Verify Organisation Grantors before searching

Search PPSR by serial number, grantor name, or registration number

Ordinal search

Secured Party Group Management



Secure Access code storage for SPG Management

Post RCT Find & Claim

Easy to use access management

Transfer all registrations from one SPG to another

Enable secure access to your SPG to agents

Reporting & Billing



List of registrations on an SPG

List of registrations by business entity incl. or excl. child entities

Registrations by uploaded data files

Download of consolidated and filtered search certificates that record the registration number in each file name

Discharged or Expired reports

Billing reports


Manual Services



Registration HealthCheck/p>

Assurance Reviews or Consultancy ensuring PPSR best practice

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