Why Us


Why Us

Protect your business with specialist PPSR advice

Why EDX?

We are experts in simplifying the PPSR. Why? Because as PPSR specialists, who have focused solely on the PPSR since its launch in Australia, we have detailed practical experience. The PPS Act is there to protect Australian businesses from losing out when a customer goes bust, but not if you don’t register correctly on the PPSR. It’s our mission to help you get this right.

EDX is a subsidiary of Equifax, acquired in 2016 to support businesses with expert PPSR advice.

Unique and powerful software that makes it easy to manage your PPS registrations

After reviewing thousands of incorrect PPSR registrations, our purpose built PPSR software provides an easy business-to-government interface for registering security interests on the PPSR.

Protect your business against risk and eliminate surprises when your customers become insolvent.

It takes only 25 seconds to create a new customer registration. And it’s equally quick to manage a portfolio or process new registrations. Whether its accuracy or efficiency you seek, we provide the solution.


More than 60 years+ expertise in insolvency and credit management

Apart from extensive PPSA and PPSR experience, our team has more than 60 years’ combined experience in insolvency and credit management. We’ve sat on the other side of the negotiation table and know how insolvency practitioners get their way. Now that we’re on your side, our detailed knowledge of insolvency and PPSA legislation can help you fight your claim.

The EDX has helped thousands of businesses navigate the PPSR system since its introduction. We’re leading the way on developing best-practice standards and simplifying its jargon and complexities.

Find the best PPSR solution for your business needs with the help of our PPSR subject matter experts.


The tools you need to minimise financial risk to your business

You want to be able to set and forget your PPSR registrations. Our expert processes, systems and templates will help you do just that.

Just as importantly, you can only protect your business from customers that go bust if you register and renew your security interests. Registrations can be performed in bulk to create hundreds or thousands of registrations in one transaction. Our PPSR software helps you create registrations five times faster and reduce the risk of error.

Build your in-house PPSR capability with the help of EDX Hosting or outsource the work to EDX Managed Services


Expert PPSR software

EDX has developed its own registration software called ESIS which ensures that your registrations are performed efficiently and accurately. Together with our team of PPSR experts, we ensure that you are compliant with the PPSR. - Benefits of using our EDX team and software: - Accuracy. Create registrations accurately with templates and grantor validation to avoid mistakes - Save time. Setup, monitor, renew, maintain, and discharge your PPS registrations quickly and accurately at the push of a button - Reminders. Avoid registrations expiring unintentionally with early warning alerts - Expert advice. Support to reduce financial risk and implement industry best practice with customised solutions from our team of experienced PPSR experts - Reduce risk. Confidently do business knowing you’ve protected your security interests when you extend credit or supply goods and equipment on title - Secure. Keep your registrations safe with secure log-in and an audit trail for every transaction

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