Register on the PPSR


Register on the PPSR

Minimise registration errors to protect your security interests.

Register with confidence

All it takes is one simple mistake when registering on the PPSR to invalidate your security interests. You may not even realise your error until you try to recover your property from an insolvent customer – only to be told your claim is worthless due to an incorrect registration.  

Get help with registering on the PPSR. EDX has a team of PPSR specialists and a suite of strategies to help you minimise registration errors and protect your property from customers who go bust. No matter what your business’ shape or size, we have a solution to suit your needs and budget. 



Solutions that fit

Don’t risk the uncertainty of registering on the PPSR without knowing if your registration is correct. Manually registering through the government website is dependent on the abilities of your staff. Using a registry agent is also risky because a detailed knowledge of PPS registration is needed to load data correctly.

Our specialist tools and systems are designed to reduce mistakes that could invalidate your registration.

  • If you haven’t yet registered on the PPSR, we will help you efficiently set up, monitor and maintain your registrations.
  • If you’ve already registered, an Assurance Review will identify any errors in your existing registrations and outline improvements.

When faced with a customer who has gone bust, you’ll be in a stronger position to negotiate the recovery of your debts.


Easy registrations

Registering on the PPSR is quick and easy with our ESIS software.

With ESIS you get a robust, searchable database of registrations. With a set-up tailored to the registration needs of your business, the easy-to-follow templates can help you reduce errors that manual handling may incur. Our PPSR registration software stores data securely to help you manage and report on registrations more efficiently.

Link ESIS to your credit application system. When you open a customer credit account, a new registration on the PPSR is triggered. It’s that simple, and it stops registrations falling through the cracks.

Start using our PPSR registration software with as little as an hour’s training.


Find and fix errors

Find out if your existing registrations on the PPSR have any mistakes that need to be fixed before they’re up for renewal. Our Assurance Review service runs a fine-tooth comb over your records to detect compliance issues.

The report you receive includes recommendations for policy or procedural improvements to better protect your security interests.


Bulk registrations

You don’t want to waste time loading vast amounts of customer data and performing individual registrations on the PPSR. With EDX you have the option to upload hundreds or thousands of registrations in one quick transaction.

First, we use data-matching tools to check your customer information is clean and up to date. Incorrect or dated data, such as the wrong ABN or organisation type can invalidate your registration.

Next, we analyse the data, apply the rules of the PPSA and assemble it in preparation for bulk registration.

Our specialised PPSR software solution, ESIS, will perform your bulk registrations with ease.

Avoid the time-consuming task of opening each registration confirmation email, extracting the relevant information, matching it to each customer and storing it safely. Our PPSR software automates this process – creating registrations in bulk and storing the data in a secure, searchable database.  


Choose a package

With EDX Hosting, you choose a Do It Yourself approach. We show you how to register on the PPSR and maintain these registrations in-house using our PPSR software.

Help desk support is available for your technical and how-to enquiries. Our PPSR specialists are also on hand to answer any curly questions.


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