PPSR search


PPSR search

Search and interpret PPSR data to make informed credit decisions. 

PPSR – Fast and accurate search

The PPSR search function helps your business make better credit decisions. If you’re considering opening a trade credit account with a new customer, a PPSR search provides an insight into their financial stability. If you’re buying an asset, a PPSR search can show any creditors with security in the purchased asset. 


PPSR search solutions that fit

When searching the PPSR, you want the results to be useful and specific to your business needs. With our search solution, data is quick to retrieve, and our intuitive interface makes the information easy to understand and communicate.

Powerful benefits:

  • Search for more than one criteria at a time with multi search

    Example: search up to three organisation identifiers (company name, ACN and ABN) in one click to capture all registrations for one entity.
  • Filter results to the level of detail you need

    Example: search for competing creditors with a security interest that could attach to your goods. Instead of a long list of creditors, you can filter the results to reveal only the creditors you’re interested in.
  • Perform high volume searches with ease
    Example: bulk search grantors or serial numbers.
  • Collate search results for multiple entities ready for reporting or downloading

    Example: output search results to spreadsheet for internal record-keeping or bulk download attachments and search certificates.


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