PPSR renewal


PPSR renewal

Are you managing your PPSR renewals to ensure your security interests remain protected?

Renew with ease

There’s more to protecting your security interests on the PPSR than registration alone. You must have a process in place for renewing your registrations and checking that your customer details are still current. A lapsed registration or one with old information is a useless registration.

EDX has a team of PPSR experts who will help explain your renewal options. We will review your current registrations against your ledger of customers and propose the best solutions based on how many renewals are needed and how simple or complicated they are.

No matter what your business shape or size, we have a solution to suit your needs and budget


PPSR solutions that fit

You don’t want to waste time trying to manually figure out which registrations need renewing or how to enter the data onto the PPSR correctly. Our PPSR software can help make managing your security interests effortless. You can get easy answers to questions like:

  • Which of my current registrations on the PPSR are due to expire, and when?
  • Have any of my customers de-registered, changed their ACN/ABN or company name?
  • How do I update information, including correctly identifying grantor details?
  • Can I renew registrations myself or do I need an expert?

We have the knowledge and systems you need to help ensure your security interest remains protected. When faced with an insolvent customer, you’ll be in a stronger position to negotiate the recovery of your debts.


Easy PPSR renewals

Our business-to-government PPSR software has been built by EDX to provide an easier way for you to monitor and manage your PPSR renewals.

With ESIS you get a robust, searchable database of registrations. With a set-up tailored to the registration needs of your business, the custom templates make it easier to make amendments, discharges and monitor expiring listings. ESIS stores data securely to help you manage and report on registrations more efficiently.

Start using our PPSR software with as little as an hour’s training.


Find and fix errors

Find out if your existing registrations have any mistakes that need to be fixed before renewing. Our Assurance Review service runs a fine-tooth comb over your records to detect compliance issues.

The report you receive includes recommendations for policy or procedural improvements to better protect your security interests.


EDX Hosting

With EDX Hosting, you choose a Do It Yourself approach. We show you how to renew and maintain registrations on the PPSR in-house by using our PPSR software solution. 

Help desk support is available for your technical and how-to enquiries. Our PPSR specialists are also on hand to answer any curly questions.


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