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We’re here to take the complexity out of the PPSR. From questions about registering, to advice about compliance, our PPSR experts know how to help your business.

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EDX is a subsidiary of Equifax that was acquired in 2016 to provide businesses with purpose-fit PPSR guidance. Our team consists of PPSR veterans with long-standing expertise in registering security interests, insolvency and credit management in Australia and New Zealand.


Malcolm Poslinsky

Malcolm Poslinsky is a financial executive with broad-based experience in all areas of finance, including international experience in South Africa, Australia and South East Asia. 

With specialist knowledge of credit and extensive general management experience, Malcolm has developed many unique credit strategies to help businesses improve cash flow, enhance the quality of their debtors’ portfolio, reduce delinquencies and the cost of credit.

His highly tuned commercial focus gives Malcolm the ability to balance a regimented collections strategy with business growth drivers such as new account approval rates, revenue streams and excellent customer service.


Andrew McLellan

As a former liquidator, Andrew McLellan is skilled at negotiating with insolvency practitioners.

He was one of two founding partners 25 years ago of the specialised national insolvency firm, PPB Advisory. He oversaw its growth from a two-partner practice of Carson & McLellan to a firm of over 350 people with offices throughout Australia.

Andrew joined EDX in December 2012 and specialises in helping companies become PPSR compliant. He likes to think of his switch in professions as poacher turned gamekeeper, with the added advantage of being one step ahead of the game.


Gary Poslinsky

A Chartered Accountant and former auditor with a broad background spanning PwC and Telstra, enriches the EDX team with his commercial experience.

Since joining the EDX team in 2020, Gary has since acquired extensive expertise in PPSR and is a seasoned credit professional. His proficiency lies in analysing and deciphering data, a skill set that greatly enhances the team's capabilities.

Gary enjoys providing a comprehensive service to empower companies in understanding their options and making informed credit and risk decisions.