Materials handling company recovers millions of dollars’ worth of equipment within three months of working with EDX

A materials handling company believed they were doing the right thing. They protected their interests in the company’s valuable equipment assets by registering on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). Then two customers went broke, and administrators were appointed. They found out the hard way their PPS registrations were not up to scratch when they had great difficulties recovering their rented equipment. 

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PPSR and Trade Credit Insurance. Here’s what to know

When it comes to protecting your business from bad debt, where do you turn: trade credit insurance or the PPSR?

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How to Win Back Lost Assets from a Position of Power

When a customer goes out of business before you’ve been paid, there’s one important way to protect yourself: the PPSR. This court case shows how registering your security interests on the PPSR will give you a seat at the negotiating table and a real chance to recover goods or money owed. 

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5 Powerful Reasons to Register Your Small Customers on the PPSR

Too often businesses worry about the cost of registering on the PPSR while ignoring the cost of not registering. Some decide that the best way to control their costs is to register only their more significant customers – those with a high credit limit or actual exposure. It’s true you’ll pay less in registration fees by not registering all your customers, but it’s a false economy. Here we’ll show you why.

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4 Details About The PPSR That Will Make It Easier To Register

The devil is in the detail when it comes to registering on the PPSR. To register successfully, you need to understand the jargon and the fine print. Where to start? Take a look at your security agreement.

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Don’t Make These Costly PPSR mistakes!

All it takes is a simple error like entering an incorrect serial number to invalidate your PPSR registration. Chances are you won’t even realise you’ve made a mistake. We’ve had countless businesses come to us assuming they are PPSA compliant only to find out that their registration is worthless.

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