PPSR Expert Advice


PPSR Expert Advice

We’re here to help you make sense of the PPSR.

PPSR – Advice

Are you struggling to understand how the PPSR impacts your business? 

EDX helps businesses around Australia get on top of the PPSR. We show you how to protect your business and recover your property when customers go belly up. We’ve been doing it since 2011 when the PPS Act first commenced. Between us, we have more than 60 years combined experience in insolvency and credit management.

Our team of PPSR experts provide tailored advice on validating, updating and renewing PPS registrations. You’ll be able to see cost-effective solutions for the specific needs of your business. And we can help you negotiate with insolvency practitioners to fight for the goods or equipment you have an interest in.

Say goodbye to being overwhelmed by the complexity of the PPSR. We are here to help you understand why it’s essential to register your security interests correctly.


How it works

Get a detailed review of your PPSA compliance with our three-step PPSR consulting service.

Step 1: The chat

It starts with a conversation. We’ll meet and interview relevant staff to develop an in-depth understanding of your business, your customers and your trade practices. This background knowledge helps us assess what financial benefit your business can expect to gain from adopting the PPSR.

Step 2: The assessment

We’ll assess how ready you are to register on the PPSR. We look at your terms of trade, how customers accept these terms, as well as the quality of your existing customer data.

Step 3: The plan

You’ll receive a detailed written report outlining your options. Included is a full workshop debrief of our findings and recommendations. From there you can decide whether you want to manage your PPS registrations and maintenance in-house or outsource it to EDX. The choice is yours.  


Find and fix errors

Find out if your existing registrations have any mistakes that need to be fixed before renewing. Our Assurance Review runs a fine-tooth comb over your records to detect compliance issues.

The report you receive includes recommendations for policy or procedural improvements to better protect your security interests.


EDX Hosting

With EDX Hosting, you choose a Do It Yourself approach. PPS renewals and registry maintenance are done in-house by your staff using our ESIS software solution. 

Help desk support is available for your technical and how-to enquiries. Our PPSR specialists are also on hand to answer any curly questions.


Recover your goods

Stuck in a battle with an insolvency practitioner who wants to take your goods or assets? We can help you fight your claim. 

Apart from extensive PPSA and PPSR experience, one of our EDX consultants is an ex-insolvency practitioner. We’ve sat on both sides of the negotiation table, so are familiar with the strategies insolvency practitioners use to get their way. Our knowledge can make a difference in getting the best outcome for your claim.


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